Various Technologies Involved With Digital Printing New York

October 3rd, 2016 by admin

Quality is an important criteria that many businesses look for when printing their booklets or brochures. With major advancements in technology, digital printing New York has changed the graphics landscape so it is now possible to get high quality and quick short run printing at affordable prices. Quick turnaround times allow your business to respond to ever changing market conditions with updated marketing and advertising materials. Today, digital printing is fast, high quality and affordable even in small quantities.

Historically companies that ran offset printing presses were unable to deliver small quantities of prints as it did not prove economical. They had to print in bulk to make any profit. Secondly, they had many front end costs including making metal plates for each color the job required. With digital printing there is no paper waste to get the press “up to color”. The first print copy out of a digital press is as good as the last copy out. With digital printing New York an electronic image is written for each page that is printed. This also allows for the concept of variable data printing that enables personalized text or images.

Printing companies such as Influence Graphics uses the Hp Indigo digital press that uses liquid ink on paper thus making the quality of their printing superior to other digital presses and it more closely resembles the quality typically produced with offset printing. Personalize your message using variable data printing or take advantage of short run printing by printing only a small number of flyers or brochures as your business conditions require.

Online document storefronts are also offered by Influence Graphics. A privately branded online document storefront is created for your company. Coded document templates specific to your company are placed in the store which allows employees to log on and create custom company documents including letterhead, envelopes and business cards. It is even possible to designate one person in the organization to review pending orders and release the approved orders for printing. These online corporate document ordering sites offered by digital printing companies reduce costs and help maintain brand integrity since all documents will originate from the same template and printed by the same company.

Large format printing New York offers posters, banners, event signage, trade show graphics point of purchase displays and more. Large signs attract the attention of your customers and passersby to your product or service. Use their facilities when you are looking for fast turnaround of posters on vinyl, paper, banners and signs. Solvent based printing is ideal for outdoor signs. Influence Graphics offer Digital C prints, UV and Die Ink printing on their large format printers that are all eco-solvent. Check their website to learn more about large format printing New York.

Often your business may need to print a banner or poster in a hurry. At times like that it is important that you find a local, professional digital printing company that can rush print your corporate logo banners, trade show graphics, corporate event or retail store point of purchase.


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