Digital Printing Techniques In The Wholesale Vinyl Banners

October 3rd, 2016 by admin

The International Sign Association Guide consists of vinyl banners that are significant for advertising a company’s logo an occassion or some special promotion. Vinyl being a movable and adjustable material it can be seen almost anywhere as Billboards, trade show banners, building banners or street banners. They are also employed as stadium flags which you find during a match or show or confluences. Most of these banners are now printed using wide format digital printing technology.

A heavy weight vinyl technically called PVC(poly vinyl chloride) is the most normally employed material for wholesale vinyl banners. A good quality wholesale vinyl banner will have an outer hem to ascertain that grommets are fixed well. The several banner substrates may range in weight from 9 to 22 ounces per square yard and may be single or double sided. The grommets are in the form of metal holes that allow the banner to be hung on fence posts or the side of a building. The grommets assist to keep the banner in position during windy weather conditions.

Wholesale vinyl banners are scripted in several means to name a few of these- painted, lettered, screen printed, and digitally printed. The painted one is no longer in utilization. Painted ones are hand painted lettering and graphics that are utilised in this. These are now obsolete. In the system of vinyl lettered banners a electronic computer driven vinyl cutter is utilised to cut letters or graphics from a self coherent vinyl which are then pasted on to the banner surface. In screen printed banners several colours are employed one after the other with stencils. In digitally printed banners wide format digital printing technology is used. In some printers ultra violet (UV) healing is used for longer life. In the case of very huge banners, computer controlled jets are used to spray ink directly on the material of the banner. Some of the fast, wide format ink jet printers of today can print 1600sq ft per hour.

The publishing of wholesale vinyl banners can be done with force sensitive material. There are four different methods of doing it. Oracal 3651 is the most popular. It can be employed on flat surfaces, simple curves and contours and is available in white and semi-gloss and matt finishes. There is also the 3M controltac with comply. It is of advanced quality and the installing is simple. Force activated adhesive of these films enables them to be dislodged on the working surface during installing. 3MIJ3510 a pressure sensitive vinyl having a gloss film with a clear pressure sensitive cohesive. It is great for artwork on flat and curved surfaces. Oracal 3850 is translucent and develops brilliant backlit signage. It utilises a clear everlasting adhesive for lasting internally illuminated applications.

Digital printing techniques have revolutionized Wholesale Vinyl Banners on using inkjet technology. Two approaches are drop on demand and the continuous one. In the previous droplets of ink are driven as needed under pressure on the print surface. Whereas the other is a continuous process where the ink is continually under pressure and form a stream of droplet. The print head of either piezo type or thermal type forces ink on to the print surface. So outdoor advertising has been made praiseworthy with these wholesale vinyl banners. Their preparation has become faster and more complicated.


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