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Importance Of Digital Printing

November 1st, 2016

Printing is a process of reproducing text or image using typical ink on paper. Digital printing is one of the latest technologies in printing. Digital printing is a method of printing refers to digital based image directly to printing media. It refers to professional printing. Laser or inkjet printers are used for digital printing. The cost of digital printing is more than then the cost of offset printing.

Digital printing allows in on-demand printing, changes in images at every impression. More labor is not required for digital printing as in offset printing. Digital printing eliminates the expenses of plate-making. Digital printing is one of the fast modes of printing in these days. The following are the importance of digital printing.

Less consumption of time

Digital printing is one of the most popular ways of printing these days. Digital printing does not take much time for printing. It reduces the consumption of time. Offset printing or screen printing requires much time for printing. Due to invention of digital printers, printing has become very easy and at very fast rate. Digital printing is expensive but it does not require much time. Digital printing helps in printing of on-demand printing at the same time the demand is made by the customer. Bulk printing is done on offset printing or screen printing, but digital printing helps in printing of less quantity as well.

Reduces the expense of plate-making

Digital printing eliminates the expenses made on plate-making. Plates are made before printing an offset or screen printing. It is very time consuming to make a plate for printing. These plates are also expensive which increases the cost of printing. As it requires time for making plates, the printing also gets delayed. Immediate printing cannot be done on offset printing. Digital printing does not require any plate-making. Toners and inks are used in digital printing. Digital printing hence reduces the expense of plate-making.

Allows in last minute changes

You cannot do changes in your offset printing. Once the plate is made, changes cannot be done further. It takes more time to make changes in the plate. Digital printing accepts last minute changes. It can change anything at last minute also. Change in size, color, font or anything can be done before printing. Changes done at last minute do not require any expense. Digital printing in Dubai is the important method of printing.

Accepts less quantity

Offset printing of screen printing is done on bulk printing. They do not accept less quantity of jobs for offset printing. Digital printing helps in printing of less quantity. Digital printer accepts any quantity of printing. Any quantity can be printed on digital printers on demand.

Digital printing helps you to do printing at fast rate and there are many printing shops these days that help you to do printing as and when required. Any type of printing can be done through digital printing. Digital printing in Dubai provides many services and various facilities to their customers.

Digital Printing Services In Singapore

November 1st, 2016

Digital Printing in Singapore,Printing Services Singapore,Brochure Printing Services Singapore,Scanning Services Singapore,Sticker Printing Agency Singapore,Flyer Printing Services Singapore,Letter Head Printing Agency Singapore.Digital printing is that method of printing generally done by printing a digital-based image directly to a range of media. This refers to professional printing, in which print jobs from desktop publishing and other digital sources are processed using large-format laser or inkjet printers. Digital printing comparatively has a higher cost per page than traditional printing methods, but this price is usually compensated by avoiding the cost of all the technical steps required to make printing plates. It also allows for on-demand printing, short turnaround time, and even a modification of the image used for each impression. The savings in manpower and the ever-increasing ability of digital printing apparently means that digital printing is reaching to a point where it can supersede offset printing technology’s ability to produce larger print, a reasonably low price. The difference between digital printing and traditional methods such as Lithography, lexicography, rotogravure, or letterpress is that there is no need to replace the Printing plates in digital printing. In conventional printing the plates are repeatedly replaced. This results in quicker turnaround time and lower cost when using digital printing.

Digital printing has many advantages over traditional methods. Some applications include: Desktop publishing inexpensive home and office printing is only possible because of digital processes that bypass the need for printing plates. Variable data printing uses database-driven print files for the mass personalization of printed materials. Fine art archival digital printing methods include real photo paper exposure prints and geologic prints on watercolor paper using pigment based inks. Print on Demand digital printing is used for personalized printing for example, children’s books customized with a child’s name, photo books such as wedding photo books, or any other short run books of varying page quantities and binding techniques. Advertising often used for outdoor banner advertising and event signage, in trade shows, in the retail sector at point of sale or point of purchase, and in personalized direct mail campaigns. Photos digital printing has revolutionized photo printing in terms of the ability to retouch and color correct a photograph before printing.Architectural Design new media that conforms to a variety of surfaces has enabled interior and exterior spaces to be transformed using digitally printed wall murals and floor graphics.

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